DeHaat wins Audience Prize

October 31, 2019

DeHaat emerged as the Winner of the Audience’s Prize of Rabobank Asia’s SustainableAg Asia Challenge, following an intensive five minute pitch by each of the five finalists.  Based in India, DeHaat offers a technology enabled platform, providing complete end-to-end services to more than 170,000 Indian farmers..

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Stellapps Technologies Wins Rabobank’s SustainableAg Asia Challenge

October 10, 2019

Stellapps Technologies of India today won Rabobank’s SustainableAg Asia Challenge, the food and agri banking leader’s pioneering platform for agri-tech start-ups and innovators across the region to showcase innovative solutions to drive integrity...

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Rabobank Announces Top 15 Agri-tech Start-ups and Innovators

September 19, 2019

A shortlist of 15 innovative agri-tech start-ups and innovators across China, India and Southeast Asia lead the field in Rabobank’s compelling initiative towards a sustainable agri-food supply chain.


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VIDEO : Interview with Sanjay Jain

August 30, 2019

In this video interview, Sanjay Jain, Group CFO of Future Group stresses that integrity of food and supply chain is critical to the Group. He hopes that agtech firms with innovative solutions can help address challenges such as traceability, safety...

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VIDEO : Interview with Kohei Sakata

August 30, 2019

As a leading agricultural company, Bayer understands the challenge of producing food to meet demand from a growing population, using limited resources. It is their mission to set new sustainability standards in food production.

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VIDEO : Interview with Frederik Groth

August 28, 2019

Sustainability and integrity of the agri-food supply chain is not only fundamental to the long-term continuity of agri-businesses like COFCO International, but also to the balance of supply and demand in the space going forward.

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VIDEO : Interview with Dheeraj Mehta

August 28, 2019

As a responsible global investor, Temasek encourages its companies to be accountable and transparent, especially in the food and agri sector. Sustainable living is a key structural trend influencing their investment decisions, and they’re looking to back innovative companies capable...


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VIDEO : Interview with Dominic Mellor

August 25, 2019

In this video, Dominic Mellor, Head of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Ventures and Senior Investment Specialist, touches on the importance of sustainable agriculture and addresses the issues of living standards, health and food security.

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How apps, AI and solar-powered cold rooms are driving sustainable agriculture

August 13, 2019

With the world running out of arable land and water to feed a growing population, agri-tech start-ups could play a major role in cutting food loss and improving farming practices.


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Rabobank Launches SustainableAg Asia Challenge for Agtech companies

August 1, 2019

Rabobank, a global leader in food and agri banking, is excited to announce the launch of its “SustainableAg Asia Challenge”. Agtech companies with innovative solutions, promoting ...


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