How apps, AI and solar-powered cold rooms are driving sustainable agriculture


13 August 2019 - With the world running out of arable land and water to feed a growing population, agri-tech start-ups could play a major role in cutting food loss and improving farming practices.

When Prateek Singhal and two friends devised a solar pump to help Indian farmers tap water from wells to irrigate their crops, they were ecstatic. But they soon noticed that the growth in farmers’ incomes did not match their increase in production, as some fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables spoiled before even reaching the market due to the lack of cold-room facilities.

This made Singhal and his Ecozen Solutions co-founders Devendra Gupta and Vivek Pandey think seriously about the need for post-harvest management at the “first mile” of the food supply chain. The result was Ecofrost, a solar-powered cold room that allows farmers to keep their crops chilled for up to 30 hours, giving them more time to find the right buyers.



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