I don’t have a company yet. Can I apply with just an idea?
We are looking for immediate pilot opportunities with companies, which necessitates the participation of companies that are both product-ready and business-ready. If you have a fantastic idea that can hit the ground running as early as tomorrow - do it now!

My company is not based in Asia. Can I still sign up?
As long as your company and solution are applicable to the Asia region and you are excited to work in Asia, you are welcome to sign up.

Will I have to pay to join this challenge?
The application process is free. Travel grants are available for those Top 15 (Pitch Day) companies that will travel to Singapore to represent themselves.
Travel grants are also available for the Top 5 agtech companies that will be invited to attend Rabobank Asia’s annual Food and Agri Advisory Board Meeting, held in Shanghai on 31 October. 
How do I apply to join the challenge?

Click here to start the application process. It will require you to answer questions on your company details and business case including Problem, Solution, Business Model, Market Opportunity and Milestones. It will also require you to upload a pitch deck. You will be able to save the application and continue another time, so get started now.

How will applications be evaluated for the shortlist?

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Problem/Solution, Business Model, Market Opportunity, Impact and Team

Will I be required to travel?

We highly encourage the Top 15 (Pitch Day) companies that qualify through various rounds to travel to Singapore to represent themselves.
We will have travel grants in place to subsidise your travel (according to your location). The Top 5 companies will also receive a travel grant to travel to Shanghai.
I have not been selected for Pitch Day. Does my journey end here?
Definitely not. We encourage you to continue doing the great work you’re doing to improve food and agrisupply chain integrity in Asia! While we are unable to shortlist every entry, Rabobank and its partners are now aware of your company / project and will watch your development for future opportunities.
What are Pitch Clinics?

We will be helping the Top 15 shortlisted companies prepare for Pitch Day. This is a session where you deliver a practice pitch and our experienced coaches will give you feedback on your presentation style and structure. This, in the past, has proved to be helpful for presenters in making the most of their allocated pitch time. 

The sessions can be done in-person or virtually depending on where you are based.

What will happen on Pitch Day?

Pitch Day will be held in Singapore on 10 October 2019. The audience will include representatives from Rabobank, Rabo Foundation, Corporate Partners, Ecosystem Partners, Media Partners, as well as other agri-related organisations such as VCs, accelerators, NGOs and government agencies.

It will be an open pitch format, where you are able to also sit in the presentations from the other agtech companies and even learn how you might be able to collaborate with the invited companies. The Top 15 companies will be given 5 minutes to win over judges from our Corporate Partners and Ecosystem Partners. 

What is the Food & Agri Advisory Board Meeting?

Rabobank Asia's Food & Agri (F&A) Advisory Board meeting is Rabobank’s annual premier event bringing Chairmen and CEOs of leading Food & Agribusiness companies and commodity traders from China, Southeast Asia and India together.  It will be held in Shanghai on 31 October 2019.

If you have any questions, please send an email to info@padang.co.                                                                        See rules of the challenge.