SustainableAg Asia Challenge is looking for solutions which can address the following challenges within the farm-to-market supply chain

Sustainable Farming Practices

Agricultural activity has a huge impact on the environment. It is responsible for 25% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, accounts for 70% of global freshwater use, and results in changes in land use from natural ecosystems, i.e. deforestation.  


How might we support sustainable farming practices and drive better environmental outcomes?

Inclusivity of Smallholder Farmers

Smallholder farmers represent 85% of the world’s farmers. However, they face a variety of problems, from lack of access to finances to lack of awareness of good agricultural practices. 


How might we empower smallholder farmers with technology and data to enhance their farming operations, and increase their incomes?

Traceability and Food Safety

There are potential threats to the integrity of agri-food products at every stage in the supply chain due to gaps in protocols, human error, and sometimes unethical practices like corruption or adulteration. 


How might we use technology to ensure the integrity of agri-food products at each stage of the supply chain, and assure consumers of their provenance?

Data Integrity and Sharing

Data needs to be collected in manners that is reliable, seamless and inexpensive. Through data sharing, we look to unlock creative means of combining data for new forms of verified intelligence across the agricultural supply chain.    


How might we collect credible data and verified intelligence from the supply chain, and enable safe and transparent data sharing?

Access to New Markets

Agricultural supply chains have fundamentally depended on geographical proximity and relationship-building between stakeholders. Digital platforms can open up new opportunities through innovative models of trade. 


How might we use technology to simplify trade processes to enter new markets, improve efficiency, and capture value for the different stakeholders?

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